​​​​​​​​Laser Battalion

Tactical Laser Tag

Indoor Outdoor Mobile

We promote Team Work and Cooperation using the same Tactical Scenarios found in video games. 

Popular Games include Team Battle, King of the Hill, Domination, Infection, Capture the Flag and more.

Older players want missions and challenges (tactics) in addition to running and shooting.  We can do that too... really well. 

And we do it without the graphic violence and bad language found online.

​​​​​Laser Battalion

Tactical Laser Tag


Fun at the Speed of Light

​​Our system is the best, we play the games you already love to play and we bring the game to you.

Younger players may just want to run and shoot..  And we can do that.

Always Age Appropriate

We've updated everything you ever knew about Laser Tag and brought it into the 21st century.  Our technology brings modern combat video games to life through an exciting tactical laser tag experience. 

Our free Mobile App, CallSign, is our interface to you.  While not required, its an enhancement that gives the player a real time, heads-up display on their phone.  It also tracks stats like scores, kills, deaths, accuracy, streaks, and more.  Plus, as you gain experience points (XP)​​ and Level Up, you'll earn game perks and other rewards.  CallSign does all of this and more.

Here's something else.  We bring the game to you!  We are fully Mobile and can play indoors or out.  So think Birthday Parties, Fraternity Parties, Church or School Fund Raisers, Lock Ins, Corporate Team Building, etc.  We bring everything with us and set it up where you want it.  It could be a backyard, a city park, a gym, just about anywhere.  Then we manage the games and when its over we pack up and leave you with the memories.  Its a Blast!!

Download the app now to create your own unique CallSign.  Get your gamer friends on it and form Platoons or Squads.   Let's get this Battalion on the move.  Come on!

​Come On, Let's Play!!

Team Work