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CallSign is our mobile app and our way to interface with you.  It keeps your score (and more) from game to game and from visit to visit.  If you want a record of your game.  You need it.  If you want to play again at another event or at a Public Open event, and you want to build XP.  You need it.

Part of our reinvention of Laser Tag has been to get rid of the bulky vests and annoying wires. 

These are 3 screen shots of CallSign BEFORE the game starts.

Tactical Laser Tag Equipment

This is CallSign DURING the game.

If you were getting hit, it would show you the Direction the shot came from.

​Must see to believe!!!

The ​​Battle Rifle Pro

This is the latest innovation in tactical laser tag equipment.  ​

Its size and weight appeals to gamers of every age group.   

It has a robust set of features like vibrations feedback, dozens  of unique weapon types plus Bluetooth, and WiFi technology.

Our software turns it into whatever we want it to be.  We could  make it anything from 007's Golden Gun to an RPG to a Heavy Machine gun or Sniper Rifle.  Oh yeah, it can be a laser gun too!!

Used for indoor and outdoor play the Battle Rifle Pro is one of the most versatile taggers in the industry.

Wireless Head Sensors

​​​​​​​​Laser Battalion

Tactical Laser Tag

But most importantly they can give damage to the other team.  This innovation opens lots of game play interactions never available before.  One way we've taken advantage of this capability is by introducing a Laser Tag Grenade Launcher!!  And another great use is to have certain players cause damage, just by being close by.  Hint:  that makes a really good Zombie!

The ​Utility Box

The Utility Box is the “Swiss Army Knife” of accessories.  It can act as a respawn point, weapons box, medic kit, ammo station and more.

One of my favorites is to use it as a defensive turret.

​This takes advantage of our Laser Battalion WiFi and lets the turret fire when an enemy soldier comes within range...  That's fun!!

There is so much this little box and really all of our equipment can do and we're just getting started!!

Laser Battalion

Our head sensors do more than just acting as targets.

They are visible outdoors in full sunlight at 1000 ft.  They have multiple colors for multiple teams.